Telluric Energies

There is a massive iron and nickel core at the center of the Earth. This core rapidly rotates, generating electromagnetic energy. The center of the Earth is a giant magnet. This magnet acts on the Earth itself. It’s why we have a North Pole and a South Pole. The magnetic field generated by the Earth’s core is the reason life itself is possible on Earth. Without the protection of the Earth’s magnetic field, we would all die from cosmic radiation poisoning.
Science is only now beginning to understand the complex interplays of energy this magnetic field generates on and beneath the surface of the Earth, but there is evidence that our ancient ancestors understood and used these energies to their own benefit. These energies are called ‘telluric energies,’ from the Latin tellūs, meaning “earth.”
The British amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins created the concept of ley lines in 1921. He noticed that many of the sacred sites of the British Isles seemed to line up with each other. He called these straight lines “ley” lines because so many of the lines passed through places with variations of the word “ley” in their name (Wembley, Groveley, Abbots Leigh, etc.). He therefore concluded that these places were named according to these “ley” lines. Watkins theorized that ley lines were where the telluric energies of the Earth were particularly strong. Sacred sites were built along these lines to take advantage of these energies.
In ancient mythologies from many cultures around the world, snakes and dragons represent these telluric energies. The Celtic Horned God Cernunnos is sometimes depicted holding snakes, and he is also sometimes depicted with snakes in place of legs. Since snakes are equated with the telluric energies of the Earth; Cernunnos may be seen as creating and manipulating the telluric energies. Many other Gods and Goddesses have also been depicted holding snakes. By handling snakes, the Gods are weaving the energies of the Earth to create and destroy. Likewise, a goal of the Way of the Druid is to weave these energies to manifest change in our lives and in the lives of others. Ultimately, these telluric energies are the source of all life on Earth. They are the nwyfre.


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