Active Druid Meditations, Volume 1

An active meditation is a meditation done for a particular purpose. These meditations help you to explore the world of Druidry through guided imagery and meditative activities. The Tree of Life meditation is a grounding and centering meditation that allows you to bind your energy to the earth’s energy. The Druid’s Egg casts an egg-shaped sphere of protective energy around you. The Sacred Space meditation helps you to explore other realms of existence, and the Cave meditation allows you to breathe away your anxiety and fear.

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1. Passive Meditation 10:5
2. Tree of Life 16:40
3. Druid’s Egg 11:33
4. Sacred Space 14:54
5. The Cave (Conquering Fear) 14:05

Druid Meditations by Sencha
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1 Tree Of Life 7:22
Explore the archetype of the tree with this meditation.

2 The Tree At The Center 6:19
The Celts believed that a tree stood at the center of the world, and that this tree (The Saxons called it Irminsul, the Irish called it Crann Bethadh, and the Norse called it Yggdrasil) was the axis about which the world turned. What is the tree at the center of your own life?

3 Acceptance 6:45
This meditation helps you to change the things you can, and to accept the things you cannot change.

4 The World Tree 10:10
The Sacred Tree as a metaphor for life’s journey

5 Sacred Space 12:33
A meditation for creating your own sacred space

6 Past Life Regression 12:27
Have you lived before? Explore your past lives with this meditation.

Druid Meditations on the Awen

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Sencha’s latest meditative album features six tracks for seeking the awen. ‘Awen’ is a Welsh word roughly translated as ‘divine inspiration’ (In Irish, the word for ‘awen’ is ‘imbas.’) The Welsh word is Indo-European in origin and comes from the root ‘-uel,’ which means ‘to blow.’ In this sense, it could be seen to mean, ‘that which takes one’s breath away.’ In other words, the Awen is that which is awe-inspiring.

Tracks on this album include:

  1. The Meaning of Awen
    2. Seeking the Awen
    3. Awen of Earth
    4. Awen of Air
    5. Awen of Fire
    6. Awen of Water

Seven Phases of the Druid Vision Quest

Music Forest Echoes: Sencha: MP3 Downloads

Forest Echoes

Native American flute music and sounds of nature. Great music for meditating!

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1 The Bell Branch 10:21

2 The Forest 17:54

3 The Tree of Life 10:50

4 The World Tree 5:07

5 The Tree At the Center 10:45

Release Date: November 3, 2012
Label: Black Mountain Druid Order
Copyright: (C) 2012 Black Mountain Druid Order
Total Length: 54:57

Mist on the Mountain by Sencha the Vate
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Songs on Mist on the Mountain

Track 1: Ash Grove
Inspired by the Pagan Campground of the same name near Brevard NC.

Track 2: Autumn Mists
We now live in the Smoky Mountains, and this song was written as I watched the mist on the mountains.

Track 3: The Swamp Rabbit
The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a bicycling trail near our home. I often ride this trail when weather permits, and it was the inspiration for this song.

Track 4: Spirit of the Wolf
My ‘wolf flute’ is a drone flute, and this song was written to reflect the harmony of the wolves as they howl.

Track 5: Yellow Branch
About 20 years ago I helped to build a hiking trail to Yellow Branch Falls near Mountain Rest, SC. This song comes from the beauty and tranquility of the falls.

Track 6: Dragon Ridge
As of December 1, 2015 we live in a home on the side of a mountain. We’ve named the ridge behind our home “Dragon Ridge.”

Track 7: Firefly Forest
Firefly Forest in Cleveland, South Carolina is home to the rare blue ghost fireflies. The muse for this song struck as we were visiting the fireflies one night.

Track 8: Stars and Cedars
Our mountain home is so remote that we don’t have much light pollution, and we can actually see the stars. The view off our front porch inspired this song.

Track 9: The Raven At Midnight
I follow the Morrigan. On our first night in our new home, a raven called out to me at midnight. She was the reason I wrote this song.

Track 10: The Owl in Winter
The Morrigan’s messenger was accompanied by an owl who also called to us on our first night in our new home. This song was the result of that encounter.

The Rainbow Warrior
by Sencha
Native American flute music plus sounds of nature, recorded in the Appalachians of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina. Over an hour of soothing music good for meditation and relaxation.


The Good Red Road Sencha 5:49 $0.99 View in iTunes

Cedar Mountain Sunset Sencha 8:19 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Golden Dawn Sencha 5:35 $0.99 View in iTunes

Green River Sencha 3:59 $0.99 View in iTunes

Blue Sky Sencha 4:12 $0.99 View in iTunes

Indigo Child Sencha 5:37 $0.99 View in iTunes

Morning Glory Sencha 4:58 $0.99 View in iTunes

The Black Storm Sencha 7:36 $0.99 View in iTunes

Branwen Sencha 9:08 $0.99 View in iTunes