About the Order of the Morrigan

The Order of the Morrigan is an Order that practices shamanic Druidry. The Order of the Morrigan takes its name from the Goddess known as the Morrigan.
While the Morrigan is a Goddess of Battle and Death, she is also a Goddess of prophecy, shamanism, and sovereignty. The Order of the Morrigan practices contemporary Celtic shamanism through meditation, spirit journeys, divination and vision seeking through dreaming. Our Order strives to restore balance to the world. In order to restore this balance, we must first find balance within ourselves.

Membership in the Order of the Morrigan is free. Click here for information on membership.

There are seven levels, or degrees, within our Order. To achieve First Degree status, you must first undergo a year and a day of study on what it means to be a Druid in the Order of the Morrigan. During this period you are considered a Dedicant Member. At the end of this dedicant period of study, you may then decide if the Order of the Morrigan is the right path for you. If you find that it is, then you may perform a self-initiation ceremony or contact the Order of the Morrigan to attend one of our initiation ceremonies, which are held in the mountains north of Greenville, South Carolina.

The degrees of Druidry in the Order of the Morrigan and their corresponding educational paths are as follows:
1st Degree: Dedicant Path
2nd Degree: Earth Path
3rd Degree: Sun Path
4th Degree: Moon Path
5th Degree: Bard Path
6th Degree: Vate Path
7th Degree: Druid Path



About the Dedicant Path Course

This course is divided into four main sections. These sections mirror the First Triad of the Order of the Morrigan, which is comprised of the Earth Path, the Sun Path, and the Moon Path. The fourth section, Elder Month, is dedicated to the seekers who are interested in pursuing further study with the Order of the Morrigan.
The Earth Path section discusses how to draw closer to nature by caring for the Earth and understanding how we fit into the Web of Life, how to live sustainably and ecologically, and how to be active in giving back to the natural world. The basic foundation for the Earth Path section is the Celtic tree alphabet known as ogham. In learning about the ogham, we will discuss the properties of the trees and plants associated with each letter of this alphabet. We will also cover how to develop a relationship with your birth tree. The First Triad of the Earth Path is the Ogham, Deep Ecology, and Animal Wisdom. The Earth Path course months are Birch Month, Rowan Month, Ash Month, and Alder Month.
The Sun Path section offers an in-depth analysis of the Wheel of the Year and how to celebrate the High Days, including suggested rituals for each. It also discusses the Wheel of the Year as a metaphor for our own sacred journey through life, embracing the concepts of balance between light and dark, chaos and order. The First Triad of the Sun Path is the Wheel of the Year, Gods and Goddesses, and Rites of Passage. The Sun Path course months are Willow Month, Hawthorn Month, Oak Month, and Holly Month.
The Moon Path section focuses on the inner journey of the Taibhsear. Just as the Moon has no light of its own, but reflects the light of the Sun, the Moon Path teaches us to reflect the divine within ourselves. Included in this section are suggestions on basic vision questing, how to meditate, and dream interpretation. The First Triad of the Moon Path is dream work, meditation, and vision-seeking (shamanism). The Moon Path course months are Hazel Month, Vine Month, Ivy Month, and Elm Month.
The 13th and final month of the course materials, the Elder Month, is for those who have decided to pursue further study with the Order of the Morrigan. It includes instructions on how to prepare for and conduct an inititation ceremony within the Order of the Morrigan.
To use this course, listen to each recording and complete the exercises contained within each lesson. Some of the exercises are to be completed only once, some are to be done every day, and some depend on the seasons.
If you complete the coursework in a year and a day, and decide that the Order of the Morrigan is the path for you, then the remaining day of the year and a day period will be used for your initiation rite. Complete instructions on how to initiate yourself are included at the end of the course in the Elder Month lessons.
The Order of the Morrigan also offers an initiation ceremony each year at Samhain at the home of the Order in upstate South Carolina. If you live in this area or can travel to it for an initiation, you’re always welcome!
Since the Way of the Morrigan is a highly individual path, don’t get caught up in the idea that there is a “right way” or a “wrong way” to do things. In the Way of the Morrigan the right way is the way that has meaning to you. As long as you comply with the Four Sacred Pillars of our Order, the rest is just suggestions.
Welcome to the deeper world of shamanic Druidry that is the Order of the Morrigan!

Other Courses Coming Soon

We are always developing courses for those who practice Druidry or other nature-centered spiritual paths. The courses below will also follow the 13-month format of the Dedicant Path course work. They are currently under development, so please check back frequently!

Bard Course

This 13-month Bard course gives you a good grounding in the lore of the Celtic peoples from epics like the Book of the Takings of Ireland, the Mabinogion, and Carmina Gadelica

Ovate Course

The Ovates (or Vates) are the Seers, Diviners, and Healers of the Druid world. This 13-month Ovate course explores divination, healing, and energy work from a Druidic perspective.

Druid Course

In the Order of the Morrigan, those who hold the title 'Druid' are those who officiate at ceremonies, organize gatherings, and otherwise act as the leaders of our 'tribe.' This 13-month Druid course teaches you the ins-and-outs of running a Grove and officiating at various functions. Completing this course successfully will train you to be a leader among those in the Druid community.

Next Steps...

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