Druid Meditations

A series of six meditations on the Druid path accompanied by sounds of nature and Native American flute music. Explore the archetype of the tree. The Celts believed that a tree stood at the center of the world, and that this tree (The Saxons called it “Irminsul”) was the axis about which the world turned. What is the tree at the center of your own life? What is your relationship to nature? Have you lived before? These meditations will help you decide.

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Seven Phases of the Druid Vision Quest

The Celtic Sun God Lugh passed seven landmarks on his journey across Ireland to battle with the Fomorians. Each of these landmarks also marks a phase in the development of the vision seeker. These meditations guide you through the journey of the seer of visions. When you have completed all seven phases you will be ready to walk the way of the Druid vision seeker.

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Druid Meditations on the Awen

"Awen" is a Welsh word roughly translated as "divine inspiration." It is the inspiration sought after by the bards of old. These Druid meditations on the awen will help you to find the inspiration of nature and wisdom within your own soul.

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The Order of the Morrigan

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The Order of the Morrigan was established in 1996 to honor our matron Goddess, the Celtic Goddess of war and sovereignty. Our Order has a special interest in helping those who are solitary Druids. Some studies indicate that as much as 7 out of 10 Druids may be solitary, belonging to no Order or Grove. While the Order of the Morrigan does have a Grove in Upstate South Carolina, we also offer educational materials geared towards the solitary practitioner of Druidry.

The Order of the Morrigan is an Order established especially to train our members in the ways of shamanic Druidry. It is our belief that the Druids of old were the shamans of the Celtic world, and much of our practice draws on shamanic traditions from the Celts and from other mystical teachings throughout the world.

To this end we offer many educational courses, meditations, books, and other media. Please feel free to explore our educational materials and you may always contact us if you have any questions about what you find.

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